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Prescott College ASK Mentors understand your competence area, the educational mission of Prescott College, experiential education, and your needs to find a career where you can apply your knowledge. Each ASK Mentor's profile includes employer information and career experiences. Feel free to ask career-related questions and share your ideas with your mentor. You might even want to share your PC life experiences.

Instructions for Developing an Mentee/Mentor Relationship

What is a ASK Career Mentor and why should I have one?

 In the Prescott College ASK Career Mentor Program, a mentor is someone to assist you as you make career-related decisions. You may consider having a mentor for the following reasons: 

  • Receive relevant, firsthand information about a particular career field. 
  • Explore unknown career paths. 
  • Determine how a specific career may match your interests, lifestyle and future plans.
  • Begin to develop a network of contacts in a particular career field. 

The primary purpose of this program is to build relationships between Prescott College Alumni and students through the sharing of career insights and accomplishments.  The Prescott College ASK Career Network is not to be used for business solicitation purposes nor is it to be used as a network for job placement. Any user who misuses ASK will be banned from participating in the program.


Five Steps to Success!

  1. Please review all of the instructions listed.

  2. A list of Mentors can be found below the instructions and are listed in alphabetical order.  You can review the mentor job title and place of employment and click on the person you would like to review.  You can choose up to five mentors that you would like contact with.

  3. Click on the following link to complete the mentee information form and select your mentors at:

    Your information form will be forwarded to your chosen mentors for contact.

  4. Once you have spoken to your mentor, please complete an evaluation form at:

ASK Mentor Biographies

Please click on the mentors you would like to review.

Andrea Adams, Endangered Species Biologist: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Thomas Barry, Experiential Educator - Instructor - Guide : Wilderness River Expeditions
Adam Bondeson, President: Lodestone Adventures
Julie Brown, Ocean Education Project Manager: National Geographic Society
Steven Curley, Licensed Psychologist, Self-Employed
Windy Dankoff, President (Retired): Dankoff Solar Products, Inc.
Katherine Glaves, Art Therapist and Marriage and Family Therapist: Sound Mental Health
Kristen Glees, Graduate Student and Previous Career Coach
David Hahn, Park Ranger, National Park Service
Molly Hampton, Director of Philanthropy: The Nature Conservancy
Ethan Hipple, Director of Parks and Recreation
Christopher Haydock, President: Applied New Science LLC
Barbara A Jacobsen, Health and Wellness Field
Doris Phaedora Jones, Licensed Massage Therapist, Internet Travel Agent
Jody Karr-Silaski, Administrative Coordinator: Westcave Preserve
Ing Kiland, Major Gift Officer, Case Western Reserve University
Ken Kingsley, Senior Scientist (retired), SWCA Environmental Consultants
Aurora Lee, Fundraising Registration Support
Brock McCormick, Wildlife Biologist
Corinne Masur, Clinical Psychologist
Carl Mayhugh, Research Associate: NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Barbara Morgan, Senior Educational Specialist: The Department of Dine Education
Myra Nissen, Classical Homeopath
Delores Noble, Senior Education Specialist: Office of Dine Culture, Language & Comm. Services
Adele Ohs, Program Consultant: CA Comprehensive Center at WestEd
Ethan Ohs, Managing Director, Ethan Ohs LTD
Eric Remza, Senior Guide: International Mountain Guides
Stacy Rosoff, Teacher: Portland Public Schools
John Schmit, Associate Professor: Grand Valley State University
Addie Storvick, 1st Grade Teacher, Hybla Valley Elementary
Lee Stuart, Executive Director, CHUM
Shana Subelsky, Social Worker: Contra Costa County
Darran Wells, Outdoor Education Instructor: Central Wyoming College
Scott Winn, Volunteer Center Director: United Way of Portage County
Adam Zemans, Placement/Business Development Director: Special Counsel

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will the mentor know that I have selected them? 
Yes. Once you have been approved for the ASK Mentor Program, your information will be given to an ASK Career Mentor who will be asked to contact you.

What if a ASK Career Mentor does not reply? 
ASK Mentors may be temporarily unavailable for any number of reasons. However, if you have not heard from your career mentor after a three week period, contact and the situation will be investigated and resolved.

Do I have to report back to ASK?

Yes.  Please complete the mentor evaluation form at: 



How should I prepare for speaking with my ASK Career Mentor?

Your questions should be prepared before you contact your mentor and should reflect your career-related interests. Examples of questions include:

  • What degrees or programs do you recommend to someone to advance in this field? 
  • Could you describe a typical workday? 
  • What skills are required in your position on a day-to day basis? 
  • What parts of your job do you find most challenging? 
  • Did you feel you needed any additional experience for any part of your job?

Expectations of ASK Mentees:
Please be respectful of ASK Career Mentors. Alumni contact information may not be used for purposes other than career research or networking or given to anyone not affiliated with Prescott College. Send a thank you letter to your mentor.

Current Student Program Criteria:
Current students must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree seeking program. Current students must have completed at least one term at Prescott College.Current students must be in "good standing" with the College. Students on academic or non-academic probation are not eligible to participate in the Prescott College ASK Career Mentor Program.

ALL Alumni are welcome to utilize the mentee program.


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