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Lee Stuart, Duluth, MN

Executive Director, CHUM

Professional Biography:
1977-1983: Grad school (San Diego State and UC Davis) in ecology; co- founded the SHARE food and community development program 1984: Post-doc at Virginia Tech; took SHARE to Southwest Virginia 1985-1990: Executive Director of SHARE-NY in the South Bronx 1991-1992: Director of Development St. Augustine School of the Arts 1992-2005: various positions with South Bronx Churches (assistant organizer, lead organizer, Nehemiah Project Manager) 2005-2006: Bronx Community College (ESL and workforce program) 2007-2009: Head, International and Institutional Fundraising, The Hunger Project (NYC); 2010: New Yorkers for Parks (a mutual disaster) 2011-2012: Program Officer, Duluth - LISC, Duluth, MN 2013 - present: Executive Director, CHUM

Personal Biography:
In her personal time, Lee enjoys hiking, biking, camping, astronomy, natural history, x-country skiing, golf, traveling and cooking.

Work Description:
• Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, its committees and task forces, and program advisory committees as instructed by the Board.
• Provide staff support to the Board of Directors and its committees, and prepare and submit all necessary reports and documents.
• Hire, supervise and evaluate all management team and administrative staff in accordance with CHUM's personnel policies.
• Develop and implement policies and procedures that insure the adequate management of the agency consistent with its mission and values.
• Implement the plans, programs, and strategies developed or authorized by the Board and its committees.
• Insure that all necessary organizational records and documents are properly prepared and filed.
• Insure proper fiscal management and accounting of all programs and activities. Assist the auditor as needed in conducting an annual financial audit of CHUM.
• Develop an annual organizational budget in consultation with the Finance Committee.
• Implement fund raising plans and activities to ensure sufficient funds to carry out CHUM’s mission and activities, in consultation with appropriate committees.
• Prepare grant requests to foundations, denominational bodies, government agencies and other entities as necessary. Submit reports to funding bodies as required.
• Evaluate program effectiveness to insure that agency activities further CHUM’s mission. |
• Facilitate and direct research and development of new programs, projects and other activities, in consultation with the Board or other appropriate committees.
• Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with church and community organizations, and facilitate CHUM's participation in appropriate cooperative efforts.
• Develop and implement awareness, promotional and marketing efforts to CHUM member churches, non- affiliated churches, and the community-at- large.
• Give direction to advocacy and organizing activities insuring their consistency with CHUM’s mission.
• Be available to promote CHUM’s mission and programs to member churches, non- affiliated churches, other community groups, the media, and the public-at-large as necessary and able.

How do you spend most of your time at your job?
I manage a $2 million social service agency with the mission: People of faith, working together to provide basic necessities, foster stable lives and organize for a just and compassionate community. I raise funds and create a safe space for my extremely talented staff to provide professional, compassionate assistance to Duluth's most vulnerable people.

What are you most proud of in regard to your career history?
There are three times in my life where I have really felt that I have answered the call to "bring good news to the poor": 1) The South Bronx Churches Nehemiah Program: building 966 homes in the South Bronx for first-time homeowners who made between $25,000 and $35,000 annually, thereby reclaiming 20 acres of a neighborhood known for it's destitution, and providing a path to equity for nearly 1,000 families 2) With South Bronx Churches, building the Bronx Leadership High School, a partnership with the NYC Board of Education and SBC which helped pave the way for the small school reform movement in NYC, and created a path to higher education for hundreds and hundreds of South Bronx kids who otherwise would have a far different future; 3) With my current organization, CHUM, completing the Steve O'Neil Apartments, 44 units of permanent supportive housing for families with children with a history of long- term or recurrent homelessness.

What roadblocks did you encounter along your journey to find the right career?
It wasn't a roadblock but I took a sharp detour after completing a PhD in ecology (a path which was pointing toward being a college professor) in order to become a kick-ass community organizer, social change agent, and agitator for justice, and a highly skilled administrator of non-profit organizations! 

Organizations and Board Affiliations:
Rails to Trails Member
Appalachian Trail Conservancy Member

Schools Attended:
UC Davis and San Diego State Doctorate Ecology

Prescott College ASK Network Q & A
Q: Please list your occupational industry:
A: Cultures/Community
Q: Please provide a work description:
A: Head of fund raising
Q: Please provide a listing of the UG School(s) you attended:
A: Prescott College
Q: Please list your major(s)/concentration(s):
A: environmental studies
Q: What was your UG year of graduation?
A: 1975
Q: Please list your undergraduate activities:
A: Program Council, Orientation Leader, one of the great geeks of early Prescott days
Q: Please list your graduate school:
A: San Diego State and Univ. of CA at Davis
Q: Please list your graduate major/concentration:
A: ecology
Q: What was your graduate year of graduation?
A: 1983

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