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Mentor Biography

Barbara A Jacobsen, Prescott, AZ
Past RN, Counselor, Healthcare Teacher

Professional Biography:
Barbara is a registered nurse health educator, professional counselor, social worker/case manager, teacher of wellness and prevention therapist with juveniles on probation and child protective clients, a parish nurse for her church, and  a social justice/social work volunteer.

Work Description:
Barbara's current "work" relies on her past experience and interests-- with a variety of social organizations. She is always interested in listening, teaching, and helping the person(s) or organization reach their goals.

How do you spend most of your time at your job?
Barbara has worked in a variety of people related fields--also related to health care with all ages, from small children to the elderly. She spends her time as a medical RN, a counselor doing therapy, a social worker doing case management, and an educator teaching wellness and prevention topics.

What are you most proud of in regard to your career history?
Barabara writes "Wow! I think the interweaving of knowledge and experience which allowed me to incorporate past with present work. I still use many of these skills now in "retirement" as I volunteer for social justice and social service organizations here and abroad. And I love people, and am fascinated and awed by their interactions as well as their strength, resiliency, and their struggles."

What roadblocks did you encounter along your journey to find the right career?
Barbara has encountered cultural norms (for a woman) and the cost and work of education, but she has managed to return to school every decade to learn more.

Prescott College ASK Network Q & A
Q: Please list your major(s)/concentration(s):
A: Human Development, Counseling
Q: What was your UG year of graduation at PC?
A: 1994
Q: Please provide a listing of UG schools you attended
A: Akron University 1974, Arizona State University 1983, Prescott College 1994


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