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Andrea Adams, Ann Arbor, MI
Professional Biography

Andrea graduated from Prescott College in 2003. Since graduation, she has conducted several years of endangered species fieldwork all over North America.  Andrea received her PhD from UC Santa Barbara, where she studied amphibian declines and disease.

Work Description:
Andrea works as an endangered species biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

What are you most proud of in regard to your career history?
Helping to make on-the-ground conservation happen.

What roadblocks did you encounter along your journey to find the right career?
Indecision and self-doubt.

Prescott College ASK Network Q & A
Q: Please provide a listing of the UG School(s) you attended:
A: Michigan State University, Prescott College
Q: Please list your major(s)/concentration(s):
A: Environmental Studies
Q: What was your UG year of graduation at PC?
A: 2003
Q: Please list your undergraduate activities:
A: Food not Bombs, Prescott College Women's Resource Center

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