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Mentor Biography

Kristen Glees
Graduate Student and Prior Career Coach

Professional Biography:
After Kristen graduated from Prescott College, she worked in Human Resources and Recruiting. She has now made the transition to getting my Master's in School Counseling and she plans on working either in a high school early career/college setting or in a university.

Work Description:
Swedish Covenant Hospital - Enrollment Representative 2013-2015
Baxter - Staffing Coordinator 2015-2016
Crate and Barrel - Recruiting 2016-2018
Underwriters Laboratories - Human Resources 2018-2020
UNC, CH Grad Student 2020-2021

How do you spend most of your time at your job?
Kristen writes, "I currently am enrolled in graduate school at the University of North Carolina for School Counseling. Prior to entering graduate school, I worked for several years in recruiting and human resources, including many years as a career coach and mentor for early-career students and employees."

What are you most proud of in regard to your career history?
Kristen loves seeing the growth in the undergraduates and employees she has worked with. She writes, "It’s great seeing their confidence grow and seeing tangible results from our conversations."

What roadblocks did you encounter along your journey to find the right career?
Kristen explains, "It was difficult for me to find a career mentor and figure out what I wanted to do. It took me years to finally make the transition to grad school because I enjoyed part of my job in human resources and recruiting. However, I realized the career guidance and counseling/mentoring I loved providing would never be my full job if I stayed in that field so I decided to make the move after many years of contemplating."

Prescott College ASK Network Q & A
Q: Please list your major(s)/concentration(s):
A: Human Development
Q: What was your UG year of graduation at PC?
A: 2012
Q: Please provide a listing of Graduate schools you attended
A: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (School Counseling)


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