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Ethan Ohs, London, United Kingdom
Managing Director, Ethan Ohs LTD

Professional Biography:
I am a generalist who specializes quickly; someone who believes in the portfolio career and its uses in our modern world. In 2002 I graduated from Prescott College with my Bachelor's in Education with a specialization in outdoor experiential learning. Post graduation I worked for a string of outdoor education centres and camps helping found two new organizations. In 2006 I left the USA and after a period spent travelling around the world I moved to the UK where I have continued to work. As a facilitator and trainer I have now worked on 4 continents with leaders from a variety of cultures. I have helped set up organisations in Europe, Africa and Asia. I now specialize in helping socially-minded businesses. I work with a large rage of start-ups; small and medium enterprises; and large more established social businesses (including not-for-profits) to help them develop strategies for growth. This includes organisational restructuring; operational efficiency; asset identification and redeployment; redeployment of resources; development of new income streams; business and strategic planning; and a whole lot more. My end goal is to be a connector. I believe that socially-minded businesses make better sense in the long term, but that these businesses need to act as businesses first. I spend my time connecting them to the skills and ideas they need to be as effective as possible.

Work History:
Working backwards from today: Current roles: Deputy CEO, National Coalition-Building Institute, London Director of Business Growth, Ella Forums Freelance coach, trainer, and business growth specialist Past Roles: Business development manager/director, Body & Soul Frontrunner Senior Director, Common Purpose Curriculum Director, Common Purpose Field Science Educator/ Campus Coordinator, Nature Bridge, Golden Gate Campus Lead Naturalist, Pali Mountain Institute Resident Director, The Painted Turtle Resident Director, Upward Bound, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

How do you spend most of your time at your job?
I like to describe myself as a connector. As a consultant most of my time is spent out selling to people, however as part of trying to understand customer needs I also try to find the best fit/connection for them. As a result I link up people and organisations. It is all about building solid relationships in my world and from there helping people find the right answers.

What are you most proud of in regard to your career history?
I spent a total of three weeks in Libya, just after the revolution. I think this along with some of the other international work I have done has been the most rewarding. The western view of democracy as a right, which all people want and understand what to do with is a bit skewed and being in the developing world helped me understand that. It is incredible when you are working with people and you help them come to the realisation that in order to have freedom they may have to sacrifice some of that freedom. Teaching people about that and about the way to enter into dialogue with others was hugely rewarding.

What roadblocks did you encounter along your journey to find the right career?
Leaving the USA in 2006 was an incredible career challenge. The reputation of the states was poor, and especially in the charitable/not-for- profit sector there was a large anti-American sentiment. This was not helped by 2008's recession. I could be in a room of colleagues whom I worked well with and yet despite being the most qualified person in the room was often sneered at and looked down on. My expertise counted for nothing due to my nationality. It taught me a huge amount about partnership working, humility, listening, and while my confidence was eroded over a number of years it has made me stronger in the long run.

Personal Biography:
In his personal time, Ethan enjoys travel, international issues, politics, surfing and white water kayaking.

Organizations and Board Affiliations:
The Leadership Hub Member
London Surf Club Member
Health Education North West London
Health Education North Central East London
National Coalition-Building Institute London

Schools Attended:
University of California at Berkeley, Prescott College, University of the West of England

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