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Doris Phaedora Jones, Prescott, AZ
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Internet Travel Agent: Self-employed

Please provide a work description:
Doris is a licensed massage therapist and an internet travel agent through Travelocity.

Prescott College ASK Network Q & A
Q: Please list your current employer:
A: Self
Q: Please list your occupational industry:
A: Health/Wellness, Other
Q: Please list your current position:
A: LMT, Internet Travel Agent
Q: Please provide a listing of the UG School(s) you attended:
A: University of Illinois, Prescott College
Q: Please list your major(s)/concentration(s):
A: Arts & Languages, Human Development
Q: What was your UG year of graduation at PC?
A: 2007
Q: Please list your undergraduate activities:
A: Physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health, recreation therapy and massage therapy.


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